Terms and Conditions


1) Bookings
a) Bookings may be made by email or signed contract. Please note for accounting purposes it is required to sign a formal contract.
b) Once acknowledged and accepted by JP IAS your booking becomes a “Valid Booking” for organisational and charging purposes.
c) Unless formally cancelled by you “the client” and acknowledged by JP IAS, any course or service booking received by email is subject to course cancellation policy as described below.

2) Deposit
a) To secure the training or delegate place for an open training, a 50% deposit is due 30 days prior to delivery of the training course or on making the formal booking, whichever occurs first.
b) Please note that it is JP-IAS Policy that payment for training which is cancelled more than 14 days from delivery are refundable, however all actual costs (printing, air fares, administration incurred by JP IAS will be invoiced and are reimbursable in full).
c) The balance of the course fee is due prior to completion of the course; a penalty of 5% per month is added for non-payment of invoices which remain outstanding 30 days after the expiry of the due date.

3) Cancellations 

a) For cancellations made within 14 days of the date of the training full payment remains due, substitutions may be made.
b) JP IAS will not be liable for any direct or indirect losses arising out of the delivery of the training, its non-delivery, your reliance on the course material, your attendance at the course or any other loss connected with your booking onto a course with us.
c) Once agreed it is not JP IAS policy that courses will be cancelled, however from time to time this is an unavoidable situation. The policy is to rebook the course at a mutually convenient time. However if this is not possible course fees only will be refunded.
d) JP IAS cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect loss suffered by you due to a course being cancelled.

4) Refund Policy
14 days notice full refund or a new course date can be booked at no extra cost
7 days notice 50% if no future course booked
Non attendance no refund

5) Hotel and Visa Support 

JP IAS is not responsible for your Hotel booking or for the issuance of your VISA if required although every assistance will be given to support you to find suitable accommodation and to obtain your Visa.
a) We can, for an administration fee, book your hotel; with full payment due when checking in.
b) JP IAS, upon request, will issue invite letters to assist in the issuing of the required visa. This however does not guarantee the issue of the visa.

6) Certificate 

a) Course certificates will only be issued on payment of all outstanding invoices, and will be issued within 14 days of the clearance of the received payment.
b) Any errors which are foud in the certificates must be reported within 30 days of issue, such certificates will be replaced without charge regardless of the reason for the error.

7) Provided Materials
Unless otherwise agreed JP IAS materials are for the use of the delegate only and must not be reproduced or redistributed in any way, JP IAS Material must not be used for any training purposes without explicit approval.

8) Payment Details
a) All Bank charges are at the client’s expense.
b) It is the client’s obligation to cover the bank charges for all transmittals, in the event of underpayment or omission JP IAS retains the right to request payment of the shortfall or to add to future invoices.
c) JP IAS offers generous discounts to promote business and encourage early payment and to maintain business cash flow.
d) JP IAS encourages clients to pay invoices in a timely manner and any additional discounts offered as an inducement are conditional on timely payment of outstanding invoices.
e) The balance of the course fee is required to be paid before the completion of the course.
f) Invoices to be paid within 30 days of the issue of the invoice to secure the agreed discount. Failure to make the payment within the period proscribed within the contract terms will result in the re-issue of the invoice with standard fees, without discount. Non- payment will attract a penalty each month the invoice remains unpaid.

9) Payment
The payment of the ordered training can be done in three ways and whichever way you chose.
a. With “Bank Transfer”
b. With credit/debit card
c. Via PayPal
If the training is cancelled by JP IAS, the user can either keep the amount as a credit for further training or receive a refund on the paid amount. The refund of the amount will happen in 30 days after the training was cancelled.

10) Personal Data
JP IAS ensures its users /client’s confidentiality of provided information and personal data. The latter will not be used, provided or brought to knowledge of third parties outside the cases and under the conditions set out in these Terms and Conditions.
JP IAS protects the personal data of the user/client this obligation shall cease if the customer has provided incorrect data. JP IAS may use the personal data of the Customer solely for the purposes specified in the contract.