Self-Awareness and Personal Development


Designed to help individuals understand their emotions, strengths, weaknesses and sense of worth, and create a personal action plan from this new-found awareness.  

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This e-learning course covers the subject area of self-awareness. This subject area covers many aspects of personal professional development and supports many courses relating to careers with development opportunities. This e-learning course can be used to effectively support:

• several of the new apprenticeship standards
• many regulated and non-regulated qualifications
• a staff induction programme

What does it cover?
This e-learning course covers the following topics:

• what are self-awareness and personal development?
• reflection
• the importance of reflection
• strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT)
• confidence
• personal development
• stages of skill development
• aspirations
• energy
• SMART goals
• mission and vision statements
• attitude
• embracing change

What new apprenticeship standards does this e-learning course support?
This e-learning course covers the following topics:

• Level 2 Adult Care Worker
• Level 2 Commis Chef
• Level 2 Customer Service Practitioner
• Level 2 Healthcare Support Worker
• Level 2 Hospitality Team Member
• Level 2 Retailer
• Level 2 Supply Chain Operator
• Level 2 Supply Chain Warehouse Operative
• Level 3 Hospitality Supervisor
• Level 3 Lead Adult Care Worker
• Level 3 Retail Team Leader
• Level 3 Senior Healthcare Support Worker
• Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor
• Level 4 Retail Manager
• Level 5 Healthcare Assistant Practitioner
• Level 5 Operations/ Departmental Manager

This course supports the delivery of the following qualifications:

• Highfield Level 2 Certificate for Supply Chain Operators (RQF)
• Highfield Level 2 Certificate for Warehouse Operatives (RQF)
• Highfield Level 2 Diploma for Customer Service Practitioners (RQF)
• Highfield Level 2 Diploma for Hospitality Team Members (RQF)
• Highfield Level 2 Diploma for Retailers (RQF)
• Highfield Level 2 Diploma in Working as a Commis Chef (RQF)
• Highfield Level 3 Diploma in Management (RQF)
• Highfield Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management (RQF)

How are learners assessed?
As part of this course, learners will be required to complete a series of multiple-choice questions. On the completion of this module, learners will receive a personalised Highfield-commended certificate, which they will be able to print out.