Managing Conflict



This e-learning course covers the subject area of managing conflict. This subject area enables learners to develop their skills and confidence to effectively deal with conflict situations and reduce the likelihood of abusive and threatening behaviour in the workplace. This e-learning course can be used to effectively support:

• several of the new apprenticeship standards
• many regulated and non-regulated qualifications
• a staff induction programme

What does it cover?

This e-learning module covers the following 14 topics:

• what is workplace conflict?
• responses to conflict
• cultural differences
• ego types
• breakdowns in communication
• the behavioural cycle
• the PEACE model of conflict management
• conflict with customers
• the HEAT technique
• patterns of behaviour
• distance zones
• physical conflict warning and danger signs
• impact factors
• the BAP strategy

What new apprenticeship standards does this e-learning course support?

This course supports the following standards:

• Level 2 Adult Care Worker
• Level 2 Commis Chef
• Level 2 Customer Service Practitioner
• Level 2 Healthcare Support Worker
• Level 2 Hospitality Team Member
• Level 2 Retailer
• Level 2 Supply Chain Operator
• Level 2 Supply Chain Warehouse Operative
• Level 3 Lead Adult Care Worker
• Level 3 Retail Team Leader
• Level 3 Senior Healthcare Support Worker
• Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor
• Level 4 Retail Manager
• Level 5 Healthcare Assistant Practitioner
• Level 5 Operations/ Departmental Manager

How are learners assessed?
As part of this course, learners will be required to complete a series of multiple-choice questions. On the completion of this module, learners will receive a personalised Highfield-com- mended certificate, which they will be able to print out.