Our Mission

Mission Statement and Guiding Principles

“To develop long term business partnerships with our customers and provide them with fully compliant Aviation, Maritime, and Commercial training, individually tailored to their specific needs, which will enhance both their and our reputation and value in the marketplace.”


Our mission statement puts customers first, as we believe that the only way to succeed in the long term is by understanding and meeting their needs. We focus on the development of long-term partnerships with our customers, recognizing that the quality of our training plays a major role in defining our customers standing in the marketplace.


We believe that our success will be based on the following guiding principles;

  1. Delivering innovative products and services.
  2. Providing excellent customer service to all our customers.
  3. Having committed trainers who are proud of our company.
  4. Continually improving the way we do things.
  5. Making sound commercial decisions.

Our company objectives are;

  • To accurately assess our customers needs’ and to review them on an ongoing basis.
  • To recruit appropriate training staff to the required standards.
  • To deliver the contracted services to agreed levels.
  • Meet all the needs of the interested parties.
  • To screen trainers to the highest standards as set by the UK authorities.